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The Gift Of Prophecy

God is building a prophetic church with a Kingdom mindset. The gifts of the Spirit need to be operating in the body of Christ to bring His church, to maturity. We also need to have the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. In 1 Corinthians 12 the Apostle Paul said, concerning spiritual gifts, brethren […]

Prophetic Ministry

There are those that are used in the simple gift of prophesy that will have an anointing from the Lord and in time begin to prophesy regularly. They will find themselves moving in this gift and in time it will develop into prophetic ministry. You will become much more sensitive to His voice and the […]

Dead boy come to life!!

The story of the dead boy coming back to life ECG has now become a residence of prodigious miracles and wonders. Thousands upon thousands who have stepped their feet on the anointed premises have testified of these inordinate heavenly encounters. Most of the miracles that have been achieved by God through Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri […]


For I know know what is afflicting you…abusing you… and the Holy Ghost knows! He knows personally what you are going through. He has heard you and God is intervening in your life right now! He is getting rid of the affliction. He’s calling it to come to a halt and you are about to move in […]

Breakthrough Covenant Partnership

Shepherd Bushiri Ministries invites you into covenant partnership. Join us as we bring the church back under the shadow of the Cross and to once again experience the Power that is in the Blood of Jesus. When you partnership with this ministry, you will be a part of leading multitudes of people into the life-transforming power of […]

Why some get healed and others not.

During Elijah’s time, there were many widows in Israel but God didn’t send Elijah to anyone except a widow at Zarephath in the territory of Sidon. There were also many people with skin diseases in Israel in the time Prophet Elisha, but God cured no one except Naaman from Syria. In the Prophetic Ministry God […]

Office of the Prophet

There comes a time for some that the Lord will confirm their calling to the office of the prophet. This is a lifetime calling of the Lord. It is one of the fivefold ministry offices. It is a governmental position in the body of Christ. God will confirm your calling to this office through others […]

God is still speaking Today.

In today’s world, any one can see that there are so many vices facing the  children of God.  Poverty, violence, corruption, endless insecurity, oppression, immorality  and  hopelessness  have  become  the acceptable way of living. The good news is that, Jesus has the answer to whatever situation you might be passing through because God is still […]